Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ted Chiang

An author I discovered recently, while randomly searching for good online reading, is Ted Chiang. He writes very deep science fiction. The stories are good and accesibly scientific. He doesn't write that much, but what he does write is good... often award winning. He has two books out. The first is a collection of his short stories called "The Story of Your Life." The second was released recently and is called the "The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate," although it may have been a limited print. Anyways, his stories I've found.

What's Expected Of Us
A very, very, very short story that will give you a good flavor of what and how Ted Chiang writes.

Like Flowers for Algernon, but much cooler, because the main character doesn't decay and is a lot more selfish.

Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate
Awesome story merging religion and time travel. It's a very standard time travelling story, but approached from a very unique mindset.

Division By Zero
It's a good story about the internal and external struggles of a mathematician and her husband who discover math is broken.

Tower of Babel

I liked this one okay. It's about the Tower of Babel.

Hell is the Absence of God
I... didn't really enjoy this one too much. It's a "What if" type story where God (where God is an interpretation of the Christian Bible's Old Testament God) never hid himself from humanity. I would have enjoyed it more if the painting of God in this story wasn't so far from what the real God is like.

There are also some interviews with him out there, you can easily google/wiki them.

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