Friday, March 15, 2013

Short Stories

I made a list of (mostly free and online) short stories I enjoyed.  They're all in the science fiction/fantasy/speculative realm of fiction.  I'll try to keep it updated as I find new stuff.  The entries are listed by date added rather than title.  Since they're short stories (and all generally free), you can easily just step in and read without any synopsis.  Enjoy!

Pillowman -
Cambist and Lord Iron -
Impossible Dreams -
Eight Episodes -
Magic For Beginners -
Magic For Beginners -
Faery Handbag -
The Ray Gun: A Love Story -
26 Monkeys -
Exhalation -
Lost Odyssey -
Neal Stephenson -
Great Simolean Caper -
Occupation -
Orson Scott Card Short Stories -
Maps In A Mirror -
Sword of the Yue Maiden -
What's Expected of Us -
Understand -
The Last Question -
Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate -
The Last Wish -
Nanny's Day -

One Shot Manga: HotelIslandKoe no Katachi

Japanese Light Novels: Fate/Zero1/2 PrinceTora DoraHaruhiSpice and Wolf

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