Tuesday, June 5, 2012

One Piece Megahouse Chess Set

The Megahouse/Megahobby One Piece Chess Set Collection R looks awesome.  All the current Strawhats are represented, the poses look cool (it's a more serious looking set), and I've heard the quality is good.  Each figure is 90cm, or 3.5 inches.  There are two versions of each figure, one with a black base and the other with a white base.  Take a look for yourself.

Luffy: King
Nami: Queen
Sanji: Bishop
Zoro: Knight
Usopp: Rook
Chopper: Pawn

Luffy: King
Shirahoshi: Queen
Zoro: Bishop
Robin: Knight
Franky: Rook
Brook: Pawn

The first set came out April 2012.  The second set comes out in September 2012.

The R in the title apparently stands for Rebirth/Reborn/Return. Megahouse did another set in 2004, you can read about it here.  This new set is also post-timeskip.

It's a really nice Strawhat set, right?
It's good enough for display, using them
for Chess isn't really neccessary.

I really do love the set, but of course I'm not without my wishlists and minor complaints. First off, I don't like that Shirahoshi is in the set and I don't like that there are two Zoros. For me, they disrupt the cohesion of the set... like a nickel in a collection of quarters. I'm fine with the two Luffys, but I don't really like the legs crossed version... it just looks awkward to me, although I know that many men do it.

If I was in charge of the line with the same cost/set constraints, I'd do the following. Two Luffys still make sense to me, but I tried to make the sets Strawhats only, match characters to pieces better, and balance the sides. Ideally, there would be two versions of each of the strawhats, although it wouldn't be neccessary. What do you think?

King 1 - Luffy
Queen 1 - Nami
Knight 1 - Sanji
Bishop 1 - Brooke
Rook 1 - Franky
Pawn 1 - Thousand Sunny

King 2 - Luffy
Queen 2 - Robin
Knight 2 - Zoro
Bishop 2 - Chopper
Rook 2 - Usopp
Pawn 2 - Going Merry

Personally, I prefer all the strawhats to be on each side. Yeah, it still means eight pawns, but now there's just one of everyone else. It would also allow an option to create rival chess sets. With all the characters, it would probably be confusing to play this way... but sets like these aren't really for real use. This set is actually doable with the current set.

King - Luffy
Queen - Nami
Knight1 - Zoro
Knight2 - Sanji
Bishop1 - Robin
Bishop2 - Brooke
Rook1 - Franky
Rook2 - Usopp
Pawn - Chopper

You can find the blind boxes at several figure importers such as www.amiami.com.  If you want a complete set of figures, you can find some on ebay or yahoo auctions japan.  So... all the usual places.  If you want a complete chess set... that'd be pretty expensive.  I would love to see images of a complete board though.  I ordered a black base set myself... I'll post pictures when I have them all.


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