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Fan Made Lyrics To Classic Video Game Songs

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Those of us who've played video games know how catchy video game tunes are. But you know what? When you add words to them, they become even catchier. I've collected a lot of "lyric-ized" video game music and decided to share. These lyricized songs aren't spectacular achievements in music, but they sure can be nostalgic, and most importantly, amusing. And lucky for us, song parodies are only made of the good catchy tunes, and not the tunes that only got stuck in our heads because we were forced to listen to them for hours straight as we failed to beat a level. I broke this entry into three because I used a lot of embedded youtube videos. Many of the youtube videos have accompaning animations that are well worth watching, so don't miss out.

The other reason for this post is to find more lyric-ized songs... so leave a comment if you know of more. I'll add them to the appropriate list. Without further ado, the best songs:

Legend of Zelda
The first video game song I had heard with added words (not counting the stuff my friends as I made up as kids)... it's a parody of the Zelda Overworld theme by Rabbit Joint. It also perfectly sets the tone for what the rest of this collection is going to be. Sorry, the video quality is bad... download the original flash here.

Final Fantasy: Tribute
This one is a parody of the Chocobo Theme from the Final Fantasy series. The animation for this song is very fan-servicey, which is awesome. The song is by Joe Redifer, the animation is done by Legendary Frog... who makes a lot of fun animations. Check them out if you have time. You can get the original flash here.

Castlevania: Juese Belmont
This one is a lyricized version of Simon Belmont's theme from Castlevania. In Castlevania, Dracula periodically arises and a member of the Belmont clan challenges and defeats him. But what about the Belmonts born in years where Dracula doesn't resurrect? Well...

Mega Man 2: I Can't Defeat Air Man
This song is awesome. The lyrics are in Japanese, but it's subtitled. The Japanese version of Mega Man 2 didn't have a normal setting. Air Man and Leaf Man are the two hardest masters in the song.... hence this song. The corresponding animation was done well.

Super Mario World: Western Show
This song is a Japanese parody of Super Mario World theme. It's done by Hyadain (a -GUY- who did all the voices)... you'll see a lot more of him if you check out the other Japanese part. The drawings for this animation are pretty amusing.

Final Fantasy
Back to English, this is an epic rap that covers the entire story of the first Final Fantasy. It is awesome.

Chrono Trigger: To Faraway Times
The last one for this page, we're back to English, and the only non-humor song. It's a lyricized "To Far Away Times" from Chrono Trigger and it's really nice (possibly barring the slightly out of place Japanese section.) It was made as part of the "Chrono Symphonic" project, where Chrono Trigger songs were remixed. It's well worth checking out.

Make sure to listen to the other lyric-ized video game songs I've found:
More English / More Japanese

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