Saturday, October 1, 2011

Creation Myth

I decided to start posting my random fiction.  They'll be labelled under "My Stories."  I hope you enjoy them.

There were two great gods, Heles and Alial. These stars hated each other. Even though the sky is endless, these two stars could never get far enough away from each other to be happy. Heles gave in first.

Heles dashed towards Alial with all his might. If Alial was dead, Heles could finally have some peace. They grappled for eons, throwing chunks of each other across the sky, until they crashed onto the world, in the far, far east.

In those days, there was only water in the world. Water and fish. Heles and Alial crashed in the Westmost sea, but their fighting did not stop. Annoyed at the disturbance, the fish pushed them to the surface, where the two gods continued their battle.

They fought each other across the surface of the sea, tearing each other to pieces across the way. Each discarded piece of their bodies became an island of our world. Each blow they landed added land above the sea.

Heles and Alial were shells of their former selves by the time they reached the Eastmost Sea. Heles only had his head, neck, and left arm remaining. Alial had most of his frame left, but had lost the entirety of his head and left leg during the fight. Heles, who still had his head, paused to think. They had reached the end of the world and Heles had some trepidation about falling off. The thoughtful moment was all it took to end the fight. Alial, who had lost his head much earlier, was fighting only by instinct. When Heles paused, Alial unleashed its fiercest attack of all, directly towards Heles's head. The blow was so mighty, Heles head flew all the way to the west most end of the world.

Exhausted, Alial collapsed and laid to rest eternally in peace. Its body became the impassable Eastern mountain range. Alial's neck and arm became the Satryos islands.

But neither Alial nor Heles were killed. Heles's head awoke in the west and is still trying to come to the east to kill Alial's resting body.  This is why the monsters come from the West, seeking only destruction.

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