Sunday, September 28, 2008

Orson Scott Card Stories

Orson Scott Card
Without doubt, Orson Scott Card is my favorite author. At his website, many short stories are provided. Here are my favorites. This should take a good chunk of time to read through, and the stories are very enjoyable. If you like them, you should read all his stories.
(a) Atlantis
It's very long and takes a bit before it's interesting, but it's really good once it does. If you've read Pastwatch, you might think you already read this... but you haven't, keep reading.
(b) Ender's Game
If you like the book and haven't read this, I think it's still worthwhile. If you haven't heard of Ender's Game... after reading this, I'm sure you'll want to pick up the full novel.
(c) Homeless in Hell
It's a Christmas story about an interesting interpretation of Hell and Santa Clause.
(d) Missed
It's kinda on the sad side about a guy coping with death, please keep that in mind. Quite short though. One short break's worth.
(e) Prior Restraint
This is a pretty interesting story, but I can't say anything about it without kind of ruining it.

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