Tuesday, April 19, 2011

3D Dot Game Heroes

So... 3D Dot Game Heroes was an okay game. You can get it for pretty cheap now. I played it last year and finished the main quest. I'm a huge fan of the 2D Zelda Games, so I thought I would love 3D Dot Game Heroes. In the end... I was actually kind of disappointed. It feels to me like 3D Dot Game Heroes is an homage to the first Zelda on the NES, whereas I liked the worlds and feelings of the SNES Link to the Past and Gameboy Link's Awakening. I also felt the game design was a lot less tight than a Nintendo title. And although I loved the idea of a "3D Pixel" game, it turned out I wasn't a fan of the art direction and really would have preferred a sprite game. Still, I enjoyed my play through it, I just had no desire to do anything past simply completing the game with the bare minimum of collectables.

The one thing that I thought was really great in this game was the block editor. You can design the hero character avatar you use in the block editor. You can also download and use other people's creation, although it's been so long that live links are harder to find.

Here's a link to some popular characters from other franchises that I thought were done well. I didn't make any of these, I just found them on the net. There are Link avatars made by Gamespy, an avatar of Cave Story's Quote by DesTwo from gamefaqs, and an avatar of Tina/Terra from Final Fantasy 6 (which was Final Fantasy 3 on the SNES.) Terra was pretty tough to find, I finally got her off some Japanese web site. I wasn't able to find links to other Final Fantasy VI/III characters though. Oh well.

Download Character Models


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