Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Streets of Rage Fan Remake

(Here's the link to the project's homepage.)

Ah, this is pretty cool.

Streets of Rage is an old Sega series. It's an arcade brawler... you wander down linear levels beating up sprites until you fight the stage boss, ideally with two players. This genre probably mostly appeals to those who grew up on this game, but this game in particular is pretty accessible to anyone. Anyway, this group has been working on a remake for eight years and finally finished. It's a remake, not a port or an emulation.

They combined the best things about all the Streets of Rage games, then added a ton of customization and special unlockables. Boasting tons of stages, characters, enemies, and music as well as cheat options and a stage maker... they've poured lots and lots of love into this project.

There's so much I can say about this project.. but this review does a much better job than I would. All I have left to say is that the team made a great homage... it's really fun and nostalgic. Download a copy while you can!

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