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More Japanese Lyric-Ized Video Game Songs

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The third part of my three part post, this post contains more Japanese lyric-ized Video Game Song Parodies. I've tried to make sure the videos have subtitles. Also, I realize series, such as Xenogears and Final Fantasy, have had lyrics professionally added to their songs... but I'm only going to list fan made parodies (although songs like Yuffie's officially lyricized theme are awesome.) Please leave comments in the first post, especially if you know of more music:


Hyadain is a Japanese artist who remixes videogame music. Umm... he's done a ton of stuff... and his lyrics are almost always very referential to the game it came from. So there can often be huge spoilers. Since he's done so many, I'm going to only embed some of the songs with the better videos and simply provide links to the rest. Click here for his youtube channel... that way you can remain up to date on his releases, but be warned they're all in Japanese. I did my best to find the best animations with translations and figure out the original game and song name. This list was a pain to compile, so you better enjoy it.

Final Fantasy 4: Four Fiends of the Elements
This video is a lot of fun, but has major spoilers. So, if you still intend on playing Final Fantasy 4 for your first time, you probably shouldn't watch this.

Final Fantasy: Chocobo Theme
This one doesn't need a translation at all... The only Japanese words simply translate to different colors, which really don't matter.

Dragon Quest 4: A Musical of Chapter 2
This has a pretty cute animation. It's from Dragon Quest, which was released as Dragon Warrior in English.

Final Fantasy 6: The Coin Of Destiny
This one is from final Fantasy 6 and has Sabin rapping. The video itself kinda has spanish subtitles, but you can find translated english lyrics in the description of this video.

Super Mario Hyadain (animation by Scott Falco)
This is worth listing again... this time with an alternate video and a better translation.

English Subtitled Videos:

Final Fantasy 6: Terra's (Tina in Japan) Theme
Chrono Trigger: Epoch (Silbird in Japan) Theme
Dragon Quest 3: In A Cave
Dragon Quest 4: Casino Song
Mega Man 2: Metal Man's Stage
Mega Man 2: Quick Man's Stage
Mega Man 2: Crash Man's Stage (Click Here For Explanation)
Mega Man 2: Flash Man's Stage
Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior
Dr. Mario: Fever Theme
Wai Wai World: Main Theme
Ganbare Goemon: Karakuri Dôchû

Unsubtitled Videos:

Final Fantasy 3: Doga and Une
Final Fantasy 5: Ancient Library
Final Fantasy 5: ???
Dragon Quest 4: Taloon/Torneko's Song
Dragon Quest 4: ???
Mother 2: ???
DQ 2,3,4: ???
Reto Game 50: #50-47


Okusenman - My Memories are 110 Million

This song is a lyric-ized version of the classic "Dr Wily Stage 1" from Mega Man 2, but the added lyrics have nothing to do with video games or Mega Man. It's more about nostalgia and growing up... but I still I thought the song was appropriate and the accompanying video is worth watching.
This version of Okusenman has modified voices... it's a girl singing now. It has a different feel... the song sounds nicer, but less heartfelt.
This version of Okusenman is a disturbing parody. Don't let the cute voice and tempo fool you... it's very wrong. Click here for the explanation. I included it just to be complete. Hey, it could have been worse, I could have used the male version... then you wouldn't even have the cuteness factor.

Kirby - Falcon Punch
This wasn't technically lyric-ized... but whatever. It's a parody of Kirby's Theme from Super Smash Brothers.

Make sure to listen to the other lyric-ized video game songs I've found:
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