Friday, December 12, 2008

More English Lyric-Ized Video Game Songs

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The second part of my three part post, this post contains more English "lyric-ized" Video Game Song Parodies. Please leave comments in the first post, especially if you know of more music:

Brental Floss

This guy did a a bunch, they're very straightforward parodies, which saves me the effort of writing up descriptions. He started with a parody of Mega Man 3 (I only listed his extended Mega Man 3, but you can click to hear the original if you want)... and then just kinda kept going. They're very entertaining, despite the singing voice (no offense to him, of course ^_^.)

Mega Man 3 Theme With Lyrics (Extended)

Mega Man 2 Theme With Lyrics

Mega Man 6 Theme With Lyrics

Final Fantasy VI Victory Theme With Lyrics

Tetris With Lyrics
Of course... I know lots of guys who like tetris. Tetrinet was freshman year of college for me with my dorm mates. But whatever. Also, tetris already has lyrics.


Mega Man 9 With Lyrics
This one was inspired by Brental Floss, it's a parody of the Mega Man 9 Theme.

I Can't Defeat Air Man (English Version)
Someone did an English Version of I Can't Defeat Air Man. Here it is:

Oh no! You're about to be Chrono Trigger Robo Rick Rolled!

Make sure to listen to the other lyricized video game songs I've found:
The Best / More Japanese

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